Wings & Wheels Family Festival 2018
Cars, Bikes, Military Vehicles and Family Fun

Vehicles & Bikes Entry Form - Vintage, classic and of special interest are welcome

If you are a club and wish to reserve an area please contact Ciaran White Tel: 01708 457040 or email

  • The Aerodrome will be open for exhibitors from Friday 20th 12 noon until Monday 23rd 12 noon.
  • You may stay overnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Friday and Monday there will be limited catering.
  • Saturday there will be a concert open to the public and free to exhibitors. Bar and food on site.
  • On Sunday you must arrive prior to 9.30am the show ground opens to the public at 10am and we ask you not to leave until after 5pm when the show closes.
  • Any support vehicles must be camouflaged or put in the car park before 9.30am on Sunday.

    Please compete the Vehicle Entry Form below and press submit to send to us.

    Vehicle Entry Form - 2018
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    14. I agree to comply with the Code of Conduct for all exhibitors ( view here )*
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